past couples

The Larsens

High School sweethearts! it doesn’t get better than that. Tatum & Steven grew up in the same neighborhood, same schools, same friends, and same church. They decided to finally start dating in High School and they have been inseparable ever since. They are that couple that have their prom picture to throw it back when ever they feel like it, but what moved us about their beautiful story was their love for God in their relationship. That is exactly what we wanted to capture in their song when we wrote “ Our Greatest Gift.” Take a listen at it!! Such a beautiful story that portrays the love they share for each other and God.

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their written love

Our Greatest Gift

Our Greatest Gift (Rose)

Remember the smile on your face in Sunday school.
Remember the day that we spent at my grandparents pool.
Remember when we were just friends
and its all we knew
But God had a plan for our lives
When he brought me you.

Remember the dance that we had in the late afternoon. Remember the jokes you would tell that would brighten the room. Remember the people you loved who would say they knew

That God had a plan for our lives when he brought me to you.
I do, for the rest of my life.
Want you
always by my side
And we know
if we don’t lose sight …You and I, will be just fine.

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