Our Story

How It Started

Our goal at Written Love is to take you back to those special memories of when you fell in love, planned your beautiful wedding and celebrated your love and marriage.

It all began when two of our best friends were getting married. After their wedding, they made a comment of how they wished Josh could have worked on a wedding song for them; as he has experience as a music producer and songwriter. The idea sinked in a little more, and before we knew it… a couple years later Josh wrote a song called Silly Things for our own first dance and it was a great hit at our wedding. That moment was so special for us, our family and friends and now we want offer that same gift to couples everywhere. Music is a beautiful art form and we believe every couple deserves for their story to be transformed into song. Photos say a thousand words, but music speaks a thousand more.

“Our goal is to bring our passion and experience in music to your special night.”

- Karina & Josh Florez

The Team Behind Your Dream

Our Founders

Karina Lopez

Karina has a background in business management and marketing. She handles all day to day operations for Written Love. From scheduling studio sessions, chatting with new couples and promoting the company. She’s the true brains behind it all.

Josh Lopez

Josh is a music producer and songwriter with a decade worth of experience working in Los Angeles. Most recently he has worked with talents such as Jordin Sparks, Sam Smith, Pharrell and Zendaya. Josh handles all things Music related at Written Love.


What our clients say

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Mr. & Mrs. Powell

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Mr. & Mrs. Wilson

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Mr. & Mrs. Johnson