past couples

The Coopers

When we first read their love story…we immediately knew they were meant to be. It all started at a Country Music Festival. Jonathan mentioned he heard someone in the back yelling and having fun! As soon as he turned around… guess who that was? Thats right, Christine. They exchanged numbers, and planned their first date. To Christine’s luck, Jonathan was late (30min to be exact.) It had been raining all day, so Christine gave him the benefit of the doubt! Eventually, she was loosing hope and decided to leave. As Christine was getting inside her Jeep, Jonathan shows up!! He arrived Ladies and Gentleman!! Wet and all from riding his motorcycle, but he ARRIVED. They did not go back to the restaurant. Instead, Jonathan jumped into the jeep, and they talked while the rain kept pouring down.

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their written love

Summer Nights

Summer Night (Rose)

What are the chances that we’d end up here, together.
Thousands of people running round but, you’re the only one I remember
Once we learned each other’s names when talking
we exchanged numbers
Little did we know the weeks to come would
have change our lives for the better.

When I first heard your voice, going on in the background
I didn’t think I’d turn and see such a pretty face.
Oh What a beautiful
Mid summer night waiting for the rain to pass
had a long ride home but it wasn’t too bad
cuz’ that night couldn’t have been much better
Can’t wait to make it last forever

Check the time, crazy how much has passed, talking in the jeep with the seats laid back
if it means we’re gonna be together
We could watch the rain fall Forever.

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